No, You're NOT Going Crazy and Here's Why! (Erica's Anxiety Journey)

No, You're NOT Going Crazy and Here's Why! (Erica's Anxiety Journey)

Our anxiety journeys can be isolating and deeply terrifying, enveloping us like quicksand, making it seem impossible to escape. But, as demonstrated by Erica's experience, shared on the "Life Free of Anxiety Podcast" with Dr. Charles Barr, there is a path to freedom. Erica and Dr. Barr, both former anxiety sufferers, discuss how they overcame their debilitating anxiety through theCHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program.


Unraveling Anxiety's Complex Manifestations

As Dr. Barr and Erica elucidate, anxiety doesn't adhere to a 'one size fits all' model. Instead, it presents differently in everyone, often making it a challenge to identify. Some individuals can trace their anxiety back to a singular, panic-inducing incident. In contrast, others experience anxiety as a lifelong companion, often going unrecognized or misunderstood. Erica's account brings this to life, detailing her own lifelong anxiety and the manner...

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Facing My Panic: A Psychologist's Anxiety Journey

From Panic Attacks to Personal Triumph: An Insightful Journey into Anxiety Disorders

Hello everyone! I'm Erica, your friendly podcast co-host, here to help you as you to navigate the overwhelming world of anxiety. Today, we're sharing a deep-dive discussion with Dr. Charles Barr about his experiences and symptoms with anxiety, as well as his strategies for dealing with anxiety and panic disorders. 

Anxiety: The Great Mimicker

Anxiety can be a tricky and overwhelming companion that often likes to mimic other conditions. Dr. Barr perfectly describes it as the great mimicker. It can manifest as a heart attack, a stroke, or a range of physiological symptoms that may not even make medical sense. But here's the thing - the feelings are incredibly real to those experiencing them. As someone who's gone on my own anxiety journey, I know this all too well!

The Power of Panic: Dr. Barr’s Personal Experience

In 1987, during the Whittier earthquake, Dr....

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Dealing with Stress and Anxiety: Self-Care in the Face of Life's Challenges



Welcome back to the Life Free of Anxiety podcast where we are discussing stress and anxiety.

Our discussion today is with two seasoned individuals, Dr. Charles Barr, a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety, and Erica, who has both utilized and benefited from Dr. Barr's expertise. After a significant break, they're back with insights drawn from personal experiences about the need for self-care in times of stress.

Understanding the Impact of Life Changes

Our society often disregards the impact of significant life events, like illness, surgery, or having a baby, pressuring us to maintain our usual pace. But attempting to resume our regular activities without missing a beat can be extremely stressful. Recognizing this, Erica and Dr. Barr took a needed break to take care of themselves and their new responsibilities. This reminds us that while these events can be positive stressors, they are still stressors that warrant...

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