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Welcome to The Center for Help for Agoraphobia & Anxiety Through New Growth Experiences (or CHAANGE for short)!

For over 40 years, CHAANGE has been helping people learn the truth about their anxiety, how to unlearn destructive habits and relearn productive healthy behaviors with their groundbreaking 16 week at-home program. Founded by anxiety sufferers and run entirely by former CHAANGE participants, we know not just what you're going through, but what you must go through on your healing journey! 

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A 16 week, at-home anxiety freedom program that has helped over 200,000 anxiety sufferers reclaim their lives with an 81% success rate.

You Are NOT Broken!

Anxiety, panic and agoraphobia are not incurable mental illnesses that you must learn to live with forever. We view them as learned behaviors and responses that can be unlearned and replaced with healthy ones.

Think of it as an injury to your nervous system. Instead of lifelong medication or suffering, CHAANGE is similar to physical therapy for your nervous system and proven to be 81% effective in clinical studies.

You Are NOT Alone!

Over 19% of Americans (over 40 million!) suffer from anxiety or panic. Many live with it and cope by avoidance, changing their lives to avoid activities they'd otherwise enjoy in order to avoid anxious feelings.

CHAANGE has helped over 200,000 people just like you to reclaim their lives in 16 weeks or less.

You Are On Your Way to a Life FREE of Anxiety!


Founded by former anxiety sufferers, we know what you're going through and how nothing you've tried seems to work. We've been there! Each of us at CHAANGE spent years (and small fortunes!) trying to find relief.

We found it through CHAANGE and can't wait for you to live your life free of anxiety!

Why Did YOU Develop Anxiety?

The first step in breaking anxiety's grip on your life is understanding why you developed anxiety in the first place! (Below is an excerpt from Week Two of the CHAANGE Anxiety Freedom Program)

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The world famous program that has helped over 200,000 people just like you beat their anxiety in 16 weeks or less!

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