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From the Desk of:
Erica Roth & Dr. Charles Barr, PhD
Directors of CHAANGE
(The Center for Healing of Agoraphobia & Anxiety Through New Growth Experiences)

Why Most Anxiety Treatments Don't Work

(And why it's NOT your fault!)

Dear Anxiety Sufferer,

If you are reading this, we know you are suffering.

You’ve wondered if you’re going crazy. You've asked if you’re broken and worried about whether you’re going to be like this forever. You are probably at your wits' end, and no matter what you try, nothing seems to help.

My name is Erica and I know exactly how you feel, because I spent over a decade of my life feeling the same. I too spent many years (and over $10,000!) trying to cure my anxiety and panic attacks.

And I was convinced I could never be healed.

It wasn't until I signed up for a 16-week, step-by-step program that I got better!


Have you spent years (and a small fortune) trying to get better?

By the time I turned thirty, I knew I couldn’t go on with my life as it was. I worried I had an incurable disease, possibly in my brain, and that I’d never be able to enjoy my life.

I appeared to be a capable person, but I wasn’t managing life well at all. And I was exhausted from trying to hide my fear.

I was a live radio host in Los Angeles, but it wasn’t just my job that was anxiety provoking--it was the moments in between. I had to take five flights of stairs because I was too claustrophobic to take the elevator. I struggled with being in crowds at live events. I sometimes even had difficulty getting on the freeway to drive to or from work.

And no matter what treatment I tried, I was still anxious and panicking every day...

I had spent¬†$10,000+ over more than a decade trying to get better‚ÄĒmaybe you can relate? The average anxiety sufferer will spend over $6,700 treating anxiety, but 4 out of 5 people who have been anxious over 18 months¬†don't ever get better.

I was convinced that would be my story.

Did you imagine you'd be living a very different life?

If you're like me, anxiety has spread to many (or all) aspects of your life and made it very hard to get a moment's rest. But there is HOPE!

If you...

  • spend hours each day panicking or worrying when anxiety will strike next...
  • avoid activities, such as family gatherings, social events, driving, shopping, being in crowds, or even just leaving the house‚Ķ
  • wake up in the middle of the night panicking...
  • see that your relationships have suffered and that your life has shrunk terribly‚Ķ
  • have feelings of unreality or feel like you or the world around you aren't real‚Ķ
  • If you feel like you can‚Äôt catch your breath and fear that you‚Äôre suffocating from fear‚Ķ


The Difference Between Living WITH Anxiety vs FREE of Anxiety?

You've probably tried a wide variety of treatments in an effort to stop scaring yourself, possibly including:

  • Talk or cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Anti-anxiety medications and/or antidepressants
  • EMDR, exposure therapy hypnosis or other novel treatments
  • Relaxation, meditation, or mindfulness
  • Personal research including books, websites, podcasts or apps

You may have even ended up in the emergency room or at your family doctor, certain you have a strange, exotic and possibly life-threatening disease.

In short, you have done everything you are supposed to. But nothing has worked.

It's not your fault that nothing has worked.

Most treatments don't work for those suffering prolonged, severe anxiety, panic and fear disorders, because they treat these conditions as a mental illness. They view your symptoms as something to be managed or medicated. 

It's how all licensed clinical psychologists, including Dr. Barr, are trained. It's what they learn in their textbooks and classrooms. And unless they ever experience severe anxiety or panic themselves, they can never truly understand what you are going through.

Why don't these treatments work?

Even if you do learn to "cope" with your ongoing symptoms, you are still an anxious person living on the edge of panic. You are an anxious person who is able to get by.

And eventually, there will be a point where your symptom coping mechanisms get overwhelmed and you are back to being as anxious as before. Or more so!

Just getting by is NOT the same as getting better!

We view anxiety and related conditions as a set of learned behaviors and responses to stress occurring in a particular sort of person with similar upbringings and life experiences.

Because these are learned behaviors and responses, they can be unlearned and replaced with healthy, productive ones. It takes time, practice and a plan, but in just 16 weeks, we can show you how to just... walk your way out of anxiety!

That's what makes our clinically proven approach different and far more effective! It's how we've been able to help over 200,000 anxiety sufferers just like you reverse their anxiety. 

We don't help anxious people live with their anxiety.

We help anxious people stop being anxious people!

EVERYTHING caused me to panic...

...and I was exhausted from trying to hide it.

Some of my co-workers knew about my phobias and it became something of a joke. I’m sure it was good-natured teasing, but it wasn’t funny to me. I found it incredibly embarrassing and shameful.

I knew I was a capable person. I had managed be a radio host in a major market, something many people spend decades chasing after.

But anxiety held me back and eventually ended my radio career.

In 2013, I was laid off and searching for my next job in radio. I was able arrange an interview for another radio job with syndicated show working with someone who was a household name.

It was exciting… until I arrived and saw the elevator. The stairs were locked and I was too scared to take the elevator, so I missed my interview.

I never had another job in radio. Anxiety had robbed me of my dream career, just as it was getting started.

Anxiety NEVER Takes a Break

When I was home, I was anxious. Each night, I‚Äôd wake up around 3am, gasping for breath and convinced I was suffocating to death. It was so terrifying that I would try to avoid falling asleep, for fear of the night time panic. There was no such thing as a ‚Äúday off‚ÄĚ for me. My life was exhaustion.

I had anxiety attacks in all kinds of places… doctor offices, stores I’d gone to for years, new places I had never been to before, family gatherings, dinner with friends, at my wedding… I was so good at hiding it that most people had no idea how badly I was suffering.

Or that I was silently panicking.

It Seemed No One Could Help

Therapists looked at me with empathy (and sometimes pity), but they just couldn‚Äôt figure out how to ‚Äúcure‚ÄĚ me. My doctor¬†prescribed an antidepressant, which I took for a year. It really didn‚Äôt help much and it had side effects.¬†I later would take Xanax occasionally during panic attacks. It would sometimes help briefly... but soon I was anxious again.

And while I spent years feeling like some sort of curious homework project, my life was slipping away....

Has Anxiety Taken Too Much From You?

Anxiety, fear, panicky feelings, feelings of doom, agoraphobia or whatever you want to call it, are terrible because they rob you of your life. While you worry about getting through each day, you lose out on the life you could be living. If only you weren’t so afraid.

Do you have wonderful past memories of life before panic? But for some reason you can’ t seem to leave the house these days, drive a car, ride an elevator and/or visit a friend's house? You may feel like a shell of your former self and desperately miss the old capable you.

Over 90% of people who come to us spend four or more hours each day dealing with anxiety, fear and/or panic.

(And MOST spend over 8 hours a day anxious!)

If you are spending FOUR OR MORE HOURS anxious or worrying about when panic will strike next, it adds up!

  • That‚Äôs almost 1,500 hours a year¬†of fear
  • 8+ hours a day¬†is over¬†3,000 hours¬†of fear¬†each year!
  • Over the next 30 years, that adds¬†up to 5-10 years of time¬†lost to anxiety!

But the true cost of anxiety is so much higher:

While I hated spending most of my waking hours in fear, that wasn't what the worst part of my anxiety. Life was passing me by and I was losing everything that was dear to me. 

The true cost of anxiety is...

  • The family events you can‚Äôt attend or enjoy,
  • The work trips you invent excuses to avoid and the impact it has on your career,
  • All the flights, cruises, road trips that you never even consider,
  • The relationships that suffer, including family, friends and even romantic relationships,
  • And the day to day activities, and even hobbies, that become terrible struggles.

And THAT is what CHAANGE in 16

We Know You're Desperate To Get Better

We know you WANT to enjoy family and social events without crippling fear. You want to take the work trips that would help advance your career. You desire a healthy dating life or a more fulfilling marriage and family life. And maybe you want to travel and have adventures, but you can’t imagine how that could ever be possible.

And the most painful thing is you USED to be able to live your life… until one day, everything seemed to change.

From 84 panic attacks a week to ZERO

I’ve owned my own businesses for more than 40 years and would not have been able to do so without CHAANGE. I will be forever grateful!!!


Self reported anxiety level decreased by 75% in only 16 weeks!! 

I'm MUCH improved and the tools are FANTASTIC!

Thank you for everything! Thank you for keeping this program alive! I am deeply grateful!! I printed everything out and made a notebook. I cherish it!


No longer needs medication!

Thank you for all your help!

Thank you! I look forward to living a life free of anxiety. I am taking one step at a time and treating myself as though I would of a good friend.


Began driving with less discomfort and tackling her avoidances! 

What Makes CHAANGE in 16, with our Get Better Guarantee Different?

Our Step-By-Step Roadmap Has Helped over 200,000 People Just Like You Reverse Their Anxiety in Just 16 Weeks! 

Since 1979, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people suffering from anxiety, agoraphobia, panic and fear disorders reverse their condition through our proven, highly structured, step-by-step program.

Originally, participants would receive a notebook with weekly instructions and homework and a set of tapes (and later CDs) to go through on their own. Now, for the first time, we have brought that experience online, making it even more convenient and easy.

CHAANGE in 16 Is NOT More of the Same.

At this point, you've tried just about everything and nothing has worked. In fact, through your various attempts to get better, you've probably heard some of what you'll learn in CHAANGE in 16. There's a good chance you've tried to make some of the changes we will help you make. 

While some aspects of CHAANGE in 16 may seem familiar, it is our groundbreaking approach that makes it all work! 

CHAANGE in 16 is NOT:

  • An instant cure: It is a guide for you to reverse your own anxiety through 16 weeks of deliberate effort
  • Digital talk therapy: You've talked enough about your fear...¬†CHAANGE in 16¬† is about getting beyond that fear
  • Some new trendy fad:¬†It is built on¬†sound science and proven treatments, packaged into a single cohesive program
  • An anxiety treatment "buffet":¬†It is a purposeful, step-by-step process. No skipping around or rushing through it!
  • Medication depenant:¬†It works whether you are currently taking medication or not

CHAANGE in 16 is the Step-By-Step Roadmap

That Has Helped over 200,000 People Just Like You Reverse Their Anxiety in Just 16 Weeks!

Over the course of 16 weeks, you will learn about yourself, anxiety, panic and fear disorders, what is really happening to you, why you developed this condition in the first place. You will develop the tools to retrain your mind and body to rest. We will help you make the congnitive changes that reverse anxiety, for good! And, finally, you will begin to reintroduce the activities that previously made you afraid!

We Tell You EXACTLY What To Do To Get Better!

If you commit to CHAANGE in 16, and doing exactly what we tell you, you will get better! It takes work, but it isn't hard work. It will be repetitive at time... but that's how the change happens. You may not understand why you're doing what we ask you to do, but we know THIS is how you get better!

We do not view anxiety as a mental illness or believe it should be treated as one. We view anxiety as a learned behaviours and responses to stress by a specific type of person with similar life experiences.

As such, these learned behaviours and responses can be unlearned and replaced with healthy, productive responses. This process takes time and effort, but it is one that works. This isn't about symptom management or "coping" with panic attacks, it's about rewiring your mind and body so that fear doesn't grab control of your life whenever stress arises.

All you need to do is trust the process and follow the step-by-step, 16-week roadmap that we lay out for you.

What Will You Do To Get Better?

Each week, we will give you instructions on exactly what you need to do each day of the week. This includes:

  • Read through the week's Learnings, so that you can better understand yourself and your condition¬†
  • Listening to a weekly audio session each day (roughly 15-20 minutes)
  • Practicing relaxation techniques (90 minutes a day... at first)
  • Completing weekly¬†Reflections & Insights¬†(homework) that will help you grow as a person and reclaim your life!

Altogether, you are committing to spending up to 2 hours a day, five days a week to get better FOREVER. Since you're spending 4 or more hours a day dealing with anxiety, though, you will actually be gaining back time in your life as you do this. Within the first 4-8 weeks, most people report gaining back 4 or more hours hours of non-anxious life!

So yes, it will take time and effort, but you get to choose when and where you can fit it into your life (I made sure to relax in the morning, on my lunch break and in the evening, for example). But as you go through the program and gain back time in your life, you will find this becomes easier and easier to fit into your schedule.

Think of it like going back to school to learn how to live again, calmly. Yes, it takes work, but at the end of the process, you gain everything! 

Your Mind and Body Want to Heal!

...we just help you get out of the way!

We KNOW you want to get better--and your mind and body does too!

Unfortunately, you've learned how to be afraid. You've mastered being afraid and you've gotten so good at it that it your mind and body snap back to that state by default as a reflex to even the smallest stresses.

That means, no matter how badly you, your mind and your body want to get better, you never get a chance to heal. CHAANGE in 16 helps you get that chance in a purposeful, deliberate way.

By the end of 16 weeks, you will have mastered being unafraid. When that relaxed state is your new default reflex, you will finally have a life free of anxiety.

All you need is a commitment to follow the roadmap we will lay out for you and trust the process. If you do so, you will get better!

This is How You Get Better...

...even when nothing has helped before!

I could have saved myself years of suffering (and money!)

I'd spent many thousands of dollars on treatment. CHAANGE is the first thing that ever worked. I only wish I'd found it years ago!


Began riding elevators again only 12 weeks!

This changed our family's lives forever!

When my wife found CHAANGE, It changed our lives forever. In a few weeks, we were suddenly saying "yes" to things we'd always avoided before!


Proud husband of a formerly anxious wife!

I'm FINALLY free of anxiety!

I have been much better at being able to recognize my fears, calm myself down, and proceed with a difficult situation rather than withdrawing from it.


Self-reported NO anxiety symptoms in only 16 weeks!

What Does Getting Better Look Like?

Since its inception, CHAANGE in 16 has always been a data-driven treatment program, built and refined in coordination with both patients and their therapists. As such, we know EXACTLY what getting better looks like.

Real Results From REAL People

At the beginning, middle and end of CHAANGE in 16, participants complete self-assessments where they are asked how they feel about their anxiety symptoms and overall happiness or fear levels. 

That means this is how people just like you say they are feeling before, during and after CHAANGE in 16 .

Here's what they say life is like after just 16 weeks of CHAANGE in 16:

  • ¬†Anxiety level decreased by 65%
  • 5 hours less time spent anxious in just 8 weeks... and almost completely eliminated in 16 weeks!
  • A 63% reduction in symptom severity (when they occur)
  • 55% less avoidance of activities, places and people¬†
  • Almost complete elimination of¬†fear of fear
  • And a 70% increase in overall happiness level¬†

Sound too good to be true? Here are actual results from people just like you...

(Based upon SELF-REPORTED assessments before and after CHAANGE in 16!)

Here's What To Expect When You Sign Up Today

When you sign up for CHAANGE in 16, your anxiety reversal journey begins!

OUR PROMISE: In Just 16 Weeks, You Will…

  • Make anxiety a thing of the past
  • Stop having your life¬†limited by fear
  • Trust yourself to say "yes" to all the things you've been saying "no" to for years
  • FINALLY go through daily tasks¬†without fear of panic¬†striking

Built together by anxiety sufferers and their therapists, CHAANGE in 16 has been tailor made to meet you exactly where you are today, all from the comfort of your own home with weekly online coaching, encouragement, accountability and support from Dr. Charles Barr and CHAANGE in 16 coaches.

Backed by Our

Unconditional 100% Money-Back Get Better Guarantee! 

We know that you've probably spent a lot of time and money trying to get better, but nothing has worked. So, the idea of spending another day or dollar may be somewhat anxiety-provoking! That's why we want to help you make this decision, so that you can get better in just 16 weeks, WITHOUT adding any extra anxiety to your life.

CHAANGE in 16 has helped over 200,000 people just like YOU get better, so we know it works!

We're so confident of this that we offer an unconditional, 100% Money-Back Get Better Guarantee!

All you have to do is commit to following the 16-week roadmap we will lay out for you. We will commit to doing everything we can to ensure you get to start living your life again, free of anxiety. If you don't get better, send us an email and we will give you a full refund within 24 hours.

No one has ever taken us up on the Get Better Guarantee, because they get better! But if you're even slightly nervous about whether CHAANGE in 16  will work for you, we want to give you the confidence to make this choice without fear!

There is absolutely no risk. All you have to lose is fear!


Reclaim Your Life, FREE of Anxiety with CHAANGE in 16...


CHAANGE in 16 Anxiety Reversal Program


The Same Price Since 1979

The CHAANGE in 16 anxiety reversal program

  • Pre-Program, Midpoint and Post-Program¬†Assessments
  • (16) Weeks¬†of Learnings and¬†At-Home Exercises
  • (16) Weekly Audio Sessions
  • The¬†Life Free of Anxiety¬†Relaxation Audio Library

Backed by Our Unconditional 100% Money-Back Get Better Guarantee!

Get better in 16 weeks or you pay nothing!

SIGN UP TODAY, Get Better In 16 Weeks!

CHAANGE in 16 Anxiety Reversal Program


Four Monthly Payments

The CHAANGE in 16 anxiety reversal program

  • Pre-Program, Midpoint and Post-Program¬†Assessments
  • (16) Weeks¬†of Learnings and¬†At-Home Exercises
  • (16) Weekly Audio Sessions
  • The¬†Life Free of Anxiety¬†Relaxation Audio Library

Backed by Our Unconditional 100% Money-Back Get Better Guarantee!

Get better in 16 weeks or you pay nothing!

SIGN UP TODAY! With 4 Easy Payments!

Backed By An Unconditional

100% Money-Back GET BETTER Guarantee

(That's how confident we are of CHAANGE in 16!)

We know that IF you commit to CHAANGE in 16 for 16 weeks, trust the process, do the work, you WILL get better. By the end, you will be doing things that previously terrified you. You will be going through the day without panicking and feel like you're able to live your life again.

But it may still seem like a risk to you, since nothing has worked before.

Let us take all 100% of the risk!

We help you get better or you pay us nothing.*

Either you get better or you pay nothing. We never want to take a single penny from someone who is truly suffering without helping them radically transform their life!

So, if you don't feel like you've gotten better in 16 weeks, just email us and we will give you your money back within 24 hours.

We know that this promise could be taken advantage of, but if it helps one more person give CHAANGE in 16 a chance, it's worth the risk. 

We believe that by the end of 16 weeks, your life will have been so radically changed that it won't even occur to you to try to take advantage of this offer.

*To date, we have never had anyone ask to take advantage of this Get Better Guarantee, because CHAANGE in 16 really works. 
Sign Up Today, 100% Risk Free

You're Reading This Because Nothing Has Worked... Yet!

When we first meet with new CHAANGE in 16  participants, they're exhausted and desperate. They've often spent many years and many thousands of dollars trying to get better. You've probably had thoughts like...

  • I¬†tried talk therapy... but maybe¬†I just need a different therapist?
  • I've¬†tried medication... but maybe it was the wrong one or wrong dose?
  • I've tried being tough... but¬†maybe I just¬†don't have enough will power?

Stop beating yourself up. It's not your fault you're anxious and it CERTAINLY is not your fault that you haven't been able to get better yet.

But you can break that cycle today and stop spinning your wheels. 16 weeks from now, you could be living your life again. You will be able to say yes to what you want and not worry about if you will panic.

All you have to do is make a decision. A decision with absolutely no risk, thanks to our 100% money-back Get Better Guarantee.

Do you want to keep trying more of what hasn't worked, hoping that next time it will be different?

Or are you read to try something new. Something that has helped hundreds of thousands of people, just like you, actually get better?

I had to make this same choice...

I still remember the day. I was sitting in Dr. Barr's office and he told me:

Erica, if you can only afford to see me OR to do CHAANGE in 16 , choose the program. Because THAT is how you get better.

It's been many years since I was given that choice and I have never once regretted my decision to do CHAANGE in 16, because I have gotten to live my life ever since.

If you're ready, all you have to do is this:

  • Click the button below
  • Choose which¬†CHAANGE in 16 option you'd like to sign up for
  • Enter your card information and pay
  • And then check your email for your login instructions!

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]

We can't wait to meet you on the inside! :)

Erica Roth & Dr. Charles Barr

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