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Break FREE of Anxiety and Panic Attacks in 16 Weeks, Even if Nothing Has Worked Before!

Find Out How Over 200,000 People Have Found Freedom and Begun to Live their Lives Again!


If you commit to spending 16 weeks with the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program and do everything it asks of you, you will get better!


How can we possibly make this promise?

Because we've seen hundreds of thousands of people, just like you, set free from their anxiety, we know it works!. In fact, everyone here at CHAANGE is a former anxiety sufferer who has gone through the program! It worked for us and it will work for you.

It takes time and it takes commitment. 

But at the end, you'll have your life back. You get to live again, free of anxiety.


Would you go back to school for 4 months if you knew that at the end of it, you would be free of anxiety?

Because that's what exactly the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program will do for you!

Every day you wait is one day longer it will take to be free of anxiety. It's time for you to begin to live your life again!

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Imagine Going Through Daily Tasks Without Having to Worry That Panic Will Strike

You can go to any store without spending time agonizing over how you were going to pull the trip off.
When you are invited to a social event, you can accept (or decline if you choose!) without having to beg for details or create an excuse.
You can be yourself without trying to hide your embarrassment and shame from family, friends and coworkers.
The hours spent hunting for relief or the right therapist are now spent enjoying life.
Your favorite hobbies and passions are enjoyable again!
You no longer need to "escape" from situations, hiding out in the restroom or outside, waiting to be able to breathe again!
You are in control of every aspect of your life and no longer beat yourself up or worry that you will never be able to do the things you wish you could enjoy.
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Free of anxiety in only 16 weeks?

It sounds too good to be true!

I spent year after year searching for a cure to my anxiety. Therapists, counselors, medications and even novel treatments like EMDR therapy. On top of that, I'd spent endless hours online doing my own research, read stacks of books, listened to podcasts, watched online videos... and nothing worked!

I'd given up. I didn't realize, but what I should have been searching for was a step-by-step program. A structured, proven method that actually helped people get better. The CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program is that program!

Dr. Barr asked me the million dollar question...

"What if I told you that if you committed to doing everything we ask of you for 16 week and I promised you that you would get better? Would you do it?"

Of course I would! I would have done anything to get better and end my suffering! I'd have spent any amount of money. I'd have gone to a treatment center, If I knew I would get better, I would have made any sacrifice!

"Because that's exactly what I'm promising you. Work the program, do the work and you WILL get better." 

More than anything, I want YOU to have this program. I know firsthand that every anxious day is a day of suffering. I don't watch you to suffer one day longer than you need to.

Until I found the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program, I assumed I had to figure out how to live WITH my anxiety. I just needed to figure out how to cope with the panic attacks I faced each week.

Now I know that no one needs to live WITH anxiety. The the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program  makes it possible to live a life FREE OF ANXIETY!

It takes work. It takes a commitment. This is not a quick-fix instant cure.

BUT if you commit to spending 16 weeks with us and doing what the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program asks of you, you  WILL get better.

Do you remember your life before anxiety? Because you can live that life again--if you make this commitment.

You'll be amazed at the joy that's possible once anxiety and panic no longer have control of your life! 


You're NOT broken. 

You're NOT alone. 

You're on your way to a life FREE of anxiety!

And we are here with you, every step along your anxiety journey. 



(Actual Results)

81% of Participants Report being Cured in 16 Weeks

Based upon two clinical studies into the effectiveness of the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program.

A 75% drop in Anxiety Attacks and Fear of Panic

Based upon participants self-reported assessments regarding general state of anxiety and fear of having a panic attacks or being embarrassed.

An Increased Level of Happiness in 97% of Participants

Based upon participants self-reported assessments before and after the program.

"I could have saved myself years of suffering (and money!)"

"I'd spent many thousands of dollars on treatment. CHAANGE is the first thing that ever worked. I only wish I'd found it years ago!"

-E.S. (actual CHAANGE alumni)

Began riding elevators again only 12 weeks into the CHAANGE Program!

"This changed our family's lives forever!"

"When my wife found CHAANGE, It changed our lives forever. In a few weeks, we were suddenly saying "yes" to things we'd always avoided before! "

-K.P.S. (actual CHAANGE spouse)

Proud husband of a formerly anxious wife!! 

"I'm free of anxiety!"

"I have been much better at being able to recognize my fears, calm myself down, and proceed with a difficult situation rather than withdrawing from it."

-D.L. (actual CHAANGE alumni)

Self-reported NO anxiety symptoms in only 16 weeks! 

Hello, I'm Erica and anxiety no longer controls my life!

I suffered through anxiety for years...

For over a decade, my life revolved around anxiety... and hiding it. I tried everything. Multiple therapists, medications, exercises, books, apps... and even EMDR. I'd spent many years and thousands of dollars...


I'd wake up at 3am gasping for breath. I'd avoid my elevator where I worked on the 5th floor. I avoided vacations and even stopped shopping at some stores!

“I can’t breathe, I think I’m dying,” I'd stuttered before running out the front door into pitch darkness in a frenzied effort to catch my breath.   

“I can’t keep living this way,” I’d tell my husband after each episode.

I was one year into my marriage at this point, and this 3am ritual was becoming a regular occurrence for us. But I was also panicking during the day. I was constantly panicking, usually in silence and even in the comfort of my own home.

Most of my friends and family had no idea what I was suffering through. This constant fear affected everything in my life.

My profession as a radio host (and the elevator I needed to take just to get to my studio on the fifth floor); the vacations that had to be canceled because they required flying; and later the job interview I couldn’t get to because there was an elevator involved. I feared that if I got stuck, I’d panic and humiliate myself. 

During this time, I saw several psychologists and an MD that prescribed an anti−anxiety medication for me, but nothing helped. I decided then that something was uniquely wrong and that nobody could help me. 

I was a special case, I told myself. I was too far gone and nothing could help.

The Worst Part: Anxiety and Panic Affected EVERY Aspect of My Life

...and no one in my life could TRULY understand what I was going through.


Even simple things, like going to social gatherings traveling out of town could cause anxiety. I can't count the number of times I came up with excuses for why I couldn't do something. Even when I wanted to do something, I feared what would happen if I panicked.


Even in my calmest moment, anxiety and panic lurked in the shadows. "My, what a wonderful time you're having... It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it," Anxiety would whisper in my ear on a constant basis.


How do you explain to someone that you are at war with your mind and body every moment of every day? I knew it didn't make sense, even to myself, so how could I possibly try to explain it to my family and friends? I knew they could NEVER understand what I was going through. Or worse, they'd say...


In my mind, I knew everything would be fine and that I SHOULD just "get over it." But that was an impossible task. And every time that thought entered my mind, I felt waves of embarrassment wash over me.


I tried everything over the course of a decade. Books, medication, meditation, MANY counselors and therapists, yoga, prayer... no matter how much I tried and no matter how many thousands of dollars I invested, I never found the relief I craved.

When I suffered my first panic attack, I set off on a decade long journey to "cure" my illness. I knew that there was something terribly wrong with me. I worried I was "crazy." At times I was sure I was dying. 

I spent countless hours doing talk therapy, EMDR, meditation... later I was prescribed anti-anxiety medication. 

But none of that brought lasting relief, because the truth is: 

Anxiety and panic isorders are too often treated as a mental illness!

Yet something in me wouldn’t give up on the idea of beating this thing. Looking back, I know now that my faith in God kept me hopeful for a better life. 

Then, I met Dr. Charles Barr and he showed me the SECRET to a life FREE of Anxiety. 


At 8 weeks, I was no longer waking up in panic.

At 12 weeks, I was riding the elevator again.


I had my life back!

What was the secret?

The CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program... 

...the same program he had used to beat his own anxiety in 1988.

In the first few weeks, I learned that I was NOT broken! But more than just learning this, I accepted it. My mind and body had simply learned to respond to situations in a fearful way.

BUT, I could unlearn and relearn new productive responses. With these tools, I no longer needed to be afraid of being afraid.

After many, many years of saying "no" to and avoiding everything that might possibly, maybe have any  chance of being stressful, I could LIVE MY LIFE AGAIN!

And, I learned that I was NOT alone! Anxiety and panic attacks affects millions of people every day. That I couldn't find relief put me in the VAST MAJORITY of anxiety sufferers. 

But, the secret of the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program is its proven, systematic, week-by-week approach that gave me the learnings I needed to take action and spur growth and healing.

This isn't a new secret, the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program has helped over 200,000 people overcome anxiety through its effective, proven system... 

It was pure luck that I met Dr. Charles Barr, and from that point on, I knew that I had to help you, fellow sufferer, reclaim your life.

almost didn't take the chance. If I hadn't, I'd still be the same anxious Erica, waking up each night at 3am and avoiding anything that might cause me to be fearful.

Because nothing had helped, I was sure that nothing ever would. I know what it's like to be a skeptic. I was sick of wasting time and money.

I was newly married, money was tight... then Dr. Barr made a very strange recommendation: "If you can only afford to meet with me OR do the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program, do the program. Because that's how you get better."

To this day, I'm so grateful that I met Dr. Barr and that he cared more about me getting better than keeping me as a long-term patient, which would've made him far more money.

So, with some urging from my new husband, I took a chance on the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program.

I'm so glad I took that chance and have begun to live my life again.


And We Can Help!

"From 84 panic attacks a week to ZERO"

"I’ve owned my own businesses for more than 40 years and would not have been able to do so without CHAANGE. I will be forever grateful!!!"

-B.D. (actual CHAANGE alumni)

Self reported anxiety level decreased by 75% in only 16 weeks!! 

"I'm MUCH improved and the tools are FANTASTIC!"

"Thank you for everything! Thank you for keeping this program alive! I am deeply grateful!! I printed everything out and made a notebook. I cherish it!"

-J.V.R. (actual CHAANGE alumni)

No longer needs medication!

"Thank you for all your help"

"Thank you! I look forward to living a life free of anxiety. I am taking one step at a time and treating myself as though I would of a good friend."

-S.A. (actual CHAANGE alumni)

Began driving with less discomfort and tackling her avoidances! 


The TRUTH About Anxiety and YOU

Did you know that Anxiety is not a mental illness, but instead a learned physiological response to stressful stimuli?

And since it's a learned behavior, it can be unlearned and replaced!

The Tools to Defeat Anxiety

Before we can address the underlying triggers for our anxiety, we need to build out our toolbox.

Perfect relaxation techniques, congitive changes and being unafraid every day! 

Cognitive Changes to Rewire Your Body and Mind

This is where you will begin to identify and address the underlying causes that trigger anxious feelings and either eliminate, reshape or prepare for them.

Begin to Live Your Life Again, Free of Anxiety!

It's now time to begin to live life again and resume the activities that previously made you fearful! 

PLUS, you can approach new situations with calm and peace.

What To Expect in the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program

The CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program was originally developed in the 1970s and refined over the past 50 years with the input and collaboration of hundreds of therapists, licensed clinical psychologists and, most importantly, over 200,000 CHAANGE participants.

The CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program believes that anxiety and agoraphobia are typically not mental illness, but rather learned responses to stressful stimuli. The good new is that severe anxiety and agoraphobia can be "cured."

And the science, based upon tens of thousands of pre-program, mid-program and post-program surveys, validates the approach.

This isn't just another "how to stop anxiety attacks" course. It is a systematic program to identify and understand what is causing your anxiety, what is happening to your body physiologically, how to unlearn fearful reactions and replace them with productive and appropriate responses using forms of cognitive behavior therapy. 

Later in the program, equipped with the new tools, the program will walk you through the process of reintroducing activities that previously provoked fear.

Each week, a new session will unlock including lessons, an audio session, exercises and homework as well as SPECIFIC instructions as to when to do each activity and how often. The use of repetition helps to solidify the concepts in your mind before moving on to the next week.

Think of each week's activities as bricks in the road of your anxiety journey. They may seem small and inconsequential on their own, but by the end of 16 weeks, they will have paved the path to you life free of anxiety!

It is a highly structured program (and intentionally so), but for those who commit, it works! 

In fact, in two peer reviewed, clinical studies, the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program has been proven to be successful 81% of the time.


16 Week CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program

The step-by-step 16 Week proven roadmap to:

  • PHASE ONE: Discovering the Truth about Anxiety and How it Affects You

  • PHASE TWO: Putting the Tools and Techniques to Defeat Anxiety into Practice

  • PHASE THREE: The Cognitive Changes That will Help You Rewire Your Body and Mind and BEAT Anxiety and Panic Attacks

  • PHASE FOUR: Begin to Live Your Life Again and Resume the Activities That Previously Caused You To Be Fearful

Weekly Audio Sessions

Every week, you'll receive an Audio Session focused on helping you obtain the goals of the week. Listen to them in your car, at home, at work... or pretty much anywhere!

These Audio Sessions were INCREDIBLY valuable in my anxiety journey and will change your life!

Life Free of Anxiety Relaxation Audio Library

To overcome anxiety and panic attacks, relaxation is an ESSENTIAL practice! You must practice being unafraid every day, and that means learning to relax!

That's why we've included a collection of the most effective relaxation audios we've found over the past 40 years. Ranging from 5 to 20 minutes in length.




Includes Full Access To:

  • The CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program
  • Pre-Program, Midpoint and Post-Program Assessments
  • (16) Weekly Readings and At-Home Exercises
  • (16) Weekly Audio Sessions
  • The Life Free of Anxiety Relaxation Audio Library
  • Digital Copy of Free From Fears 
  • BONUS: Feeling Bad About Feeling Bad, Unlearning Favorite Distress Habits audio course
  • And much, MUCH more! 

Single Pay


Includes Full Access To:

  • The CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program 
  • Pre-Program, Midpoint and Post-Program Assessments
  • (16) Weekly Readings and At-Home Exercises
  • (16) Weekly Audio Sessions
  • The Life Free of Anxiety Relaxation Audio Library
  • Digital Copy of Free From Fears 
  • BONUS: Feeling Bad About Feeling Bad, Unlearning Favorite Distress Habits audio course
  • BONUS: Free Print Copy of Free From Fears
  • And much, MUCH more!

If you've made it this far, we know you are truly suffering.

Everyone at CHAANGE has been exactly where you are today. We tried everything. We were desperate.

And we were skeptical of every new "cure" someone told us about.

And some of us had all but given up.

But the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program truly does work. Take a leap--we want nothing more than for you to begin to live your life again!

You are not broken. You are not alone.

And a Life FREE of Anxiety IS possible. Let us show you how!

Join CHAANGE today!