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Attention Anxiety Sufferer:

If You Suffer from 3 or More Hours of Anxiety Per Day, We Can Help!

Reverse Your Anxiety in 16 Weeks... OR YOU PAY NOTHING!

Attention Anxiety Sufferer:

If You Suffer from 3 or More Hours of Anxiety Per Day, We Can Help!

Reverse Your Anxiety in 16 Weeks... OR YOU PAY NOTHING!

Join the Next CHAANGE in 16 Session!

Since 1978, we've helped over 200,000 anxiety sufferers walk their way out of anxiety and panic with our at-home program!

And we can help you do the same!

If you spend hours each day worrying about when anxiety will strike next...

We Will Help YOU Reverse Your Anxiety, Panic and Fear in Just 16 Weeks or YOU PAY NOTHING!

Meet our 16 Week At-Home Anxiety Reversal Roadmap with a 100% Money-Back Get Better Guarantee!

Have you suffered from anxiety for over a year and nothing seems to help? Do you worry that you might have gone, or are going, crazy? (you're not!)

Have you tried multiple therapies or medications, but nothing has worked? 

If so, you're not alone. 

I'm Dr. Charles Barr, a licensed clinical psychologist, anxiety expert and director of CHAANGE... and I know what it's like to live in fear.

I was already a practicing psychologist in 1988 when anxiety grabbed hold of me after an earthquake and I learned first-hand how truly terrifying anxiety can be! 

Living with anxiety, agoraphobia and other panic disorders can be true suffering. It's confusing, it's scary, and traditional treatments focus on treating the symptoms. You may get some relief during a panic attack, but too often, do not reverse the anxious condition. 

What Has Anxiety Cost You?

When people come to us at CHAANGE, they are typically deep into their anxious condition. They report... 

  • Spending an average of 7-8 hours a day in worrying¬†or panicking (that's almost¬†3000 hours a year in panic!)
  • Having difficulty doing normal day-to-day¬†activities such as shopping, going to work, driving, being in crowds, seeing friends and family or even leaving the house
  • Regretting events, occasions or holidays with friends or family that they wish they¬†have been there for
  • Feeling great shame and embarrassment and¬†going to great lengths trying to hide their¬†anxiety
  • Being convinced that¬†nothing can help and that they will be like this forever

Has your life become incredibly small because of anxiety, panic and fear?

We "get" it because we've been exactly where you are today.

Living with anxiety, agoraphobia and other panic disorders is scary and confusing. It can be true suffering. 

And it's a lonely and isolating condition. If you're like us, and the hundreds of thousands of sufferers we've worked with, you probably AVOID social events and come up with excuses to get out of them and go to great lengths to hide your embarrassment and shame from family, friends and coworkers.

And anxiety doesn't just go away...

No one chooses this life. You didn't decide to live in fear and you've probably worked very hard to get better and go back to living the life you dreamed. 

The average anxiety sufferer will spend over $6,700 on anxiety treatments...

But 85% of sufferers who do not get better in the first 12 months will deal with increasing anxiety for the rest of their life.

Most people we help have...

  • ...spent many months or¬†years (and thousands of dollars!)¬†trying to get better
  • ...but still can't¬†enjoy favorite hobbies and passions, without anxiety robbing them of all joy
  • ...often feel an overwhelming¬†need to "escape" from any situation, hiding out¬†until they¬†breathe again

So we feel for you. You probably feel out of control in most aspects of your life, and beat yourself up, worrying that you are missing out on life.

Why IS it so hard to get better?

It's not your fault. Treatment for anxiety disorders has slowly evolved over the past decades, but most therapists work with only a handful of anxious patients at a time... so they must rely upon what they've learned in textbooks.

And so, a number of longstanding anxiety myths persist...

But we've worked with hundreds of thousands of anxiety sufferers and therapists over 40+ years, and know why most treatments don't work.

There are three key ANXIETY MYTHS that keep people from getting better!

Anxiety Myth #1: Anxiety is a mental illness

It is our very strong belief that, though listed in the DSM, anxiety is not a mental illness. It is instead a learned condition affecting a particular type of person.  

Anxiety Myth #2: Anxiety is a permanent condition

Because anxiety stems from a cycle of bodily responses to stress leading to anticipatory fear leading to bodily responses and so on, a combination of cognitive changes and learning/practicing new responses can fully reverse the anxious condition. 

Anxiety Myth #3: You must learn to live with your anxiety

Because anxiety is too often treated as a mental illness, the focus tends to be on symptom management. We believe no one should have to learn how to live with their anxiety, coping with their symptoms as they arise. We know that it IS possible to live free of anxiety's control altogether.

ANXIETY TRUTH: Anxiety CAN be Reversed! 

In Just 16 Weeks, You Can Live Your Life Again, Free of Panic Attacks, Anxiety and Fear!

All you have to do is follow our step-by-step, 16-week roadmap to anxiety reversal!

Because the process works!

Even if nothing has ever worked for you. Even if you're convinced that nothing will ever work.

Even if you believe your condition is uniquely serious and no one can understand what you're going through (we can!) and that you've tried everything... we can help!

With our 16-week, at-home Anxiety Reversal Roadmap, you WILL get better! 

And we're so sure of it, we offer a 100% money-back Get Better Guarantee!

YES, It Really Is Possible! In Just 16 Weeks and From the Comfort of Your Own Home...

CHAANGE in 16 worked for us, it worked for over 200,000 other anxiety sufferers and it can work for you! We're so confident in this, we offer a 100% money-back GET BETTER Guarantee!

Through CHAANGE in 16, you will learn the tools to re-regulate your system, retrain your nervous system, and begin live your life again, free of anxiety!

All in just 16 weeks!!!

(or you pay nothing)

Sign Up Today to Reverse Your Anxiety in Just 16 Weeks!


If you commit to 16 weeks with us, you WILL get better... or we will give you your money back!

What Does Getting Better Look Like?

Radical Transformation IS Possible In JUST 16 WEEKS... But Don't Just Take OUR Word For it!

Since its inception, CHAANGE in 16 has always been a data-driven treatment program, built and refined in coordination with both patients and their therapists.

At the beginning, middle and end of CHAANGE in 16, participants complete self-assessments where they are asked how they feel about their anxiety symptoms and overall happiness or fear levels.

And with hundreds of thousands of participants, we know what it's like to get better...

...even when nothing has helped before!

We KNOW you can get better, because the data shows CHAANGE in 16 works. And it will work for you--or you pay nothing with our 100% money-back GET BETTER Guarantee!

All you need is a commitment to follow the roadmap we will lay out for you and trust the process. If you do so, you will get better!

Still skeptical? Here are actual results from people just like you...

(Based upon SELF-REPORTED assessments before and after CHAANGE in 16!)

From 84 panic attacks a week to ZERO

I’ve owned my own businesses for more than 40 years and would not have been able to do so without CHAANGE. I will be forever grateful!!!


Self reported anxiety level decreased by 75% in only 16 weeks!! 

I'm MUCH improved and the tools are FANTASTIC!

Thank you for everything! Thank you for keeping this program alive! I am deeply grateful!! I printed everything out and made a notebook. I cherish it!


No longer needs medication!

Thank you for all your help!

Thank you! I look forward to living a life free of anxiety. I am taking one step at a time and treating myself as though I would of a good friend.


Began driving with less discomfort and tackling her avoidances! 

OUR PROMISE: In Just 16 Weeks, You Will…

  • Make anxiety a thing of the past
  • Stop having your life¬†limited by fear
  • Trust yourself to say "yes" to all the things you've been saying "no" to for years
  • FINALLY go through daily tasks¬†without fear of panic¬†striking

Built together by anxiety sufferers and their therapists, CHAANGE in 16 has been tailor made to meet you exactly where you are today, all from the comfort of your own home with weekly online coaching, encouragement, accountability and support from Dr. Charles Barr and CHAANGE in 16 coaches.


I'm Erica Roth

(host of the Life Free of Anxiety podcast with Dr. Charles Barr)

I spent year after year searching for a cure to my anxiety. Therapists, counselors, medications and even novel treatments like EMDR therapy. On top of that, I'd spent endless hours online doing my own research, read stacks of books, listened to podcasts, watched online videos... and nothing worked!

I'd given up. I didn't realize, but what I should have been searching for was a step-by-step program. A structured, proven method that actually helped people get better. 

Then I met Dr. Barr and he asked me the million dollar question...

"What if I told you that if you committed to doing everything we ask of you for 16 week and I promised you that you would get better? Would you do it?"

Of course I would! I would have done anything to get better and end my suffering! I'd have spent any amount of money. I'd have gone to a treatment center, If I knew I would get better, I would have made any sacrifice!

"Because that's exactly what I'm promising you. Work the program, do the work and you WILL get better." 

Now I know that no one needs to live WITH anxiety. 

It takes work. It takes a commitment. This is not a quick-fix instant cure.

BUT if you commit to spending 16 weeks with us, you WILL get better.

Do you remember your life before anxiety? Because you can live that life again--if you make this commitment.

You'll be amazed at the joy that's possible once anxiety and panic no longer have control of your life! 

Backed By the CHAANGE...

100% Money-Back GET BETTER Guarantee

Either we can help you or you pay us nothing!

(That's how confident we are of CHAANGE in 16!)

We know that IF you commit to CHAANGE in 16 over the course of 16 Weeks and do the work, you can get better. If you do so and do NOT feel your anxiety has gotten better, we will give you your money back.

Sign Up and Get Better in 16 Weeks, 100% Risk Free!


The CHAANGE in 16: Anxiety Reversal System

You Are Ready To Be FREE of Anxiety and Panic?

This 16-week at-home experience is a structured, proven process that has helped over 200,000 people overcome anxiety. In short, it works!

During CHAANGE in 16, you will...

  • Learn¬†everything you need to know about yourself, why you got anxiety and¬†how to reverse it
  • Gain the tools to break free of anxiety
  • Follow a proven step-by-step process to¬†reverse your¬†anxious condition
  • Be equipped to live an anxiety free life... FOREVER!

You don't need to figure anything out on your own. We've done that for you! We give you a step-by-step roadmap that is deliberate, methodical and purposeful. 

Each week, we provide specific instructions on what to do each day, including a little reading, daily audio sessions, relaxation exercises, and weekly homework and check-ins.

All you have to do is commit to doing what we tell you and you will get better!

How much time do I need each day?

When you commit to CHAANGE in 16, you are committing to put In some work each day. It isn't hard work, but it is work.

This work is how you get better!

The GREAT news is: the average participant will spend over 4 hours less in anxiety each day within the first few weeks, so the CHAANGE in 16 program will actually gain you back time in your day!

We will ask you to spend an hour or two spread throughout each day listening to audio sessions and practicing relaxation, but those extra hours you get back are yours to do with as you please!

What's Included

CHAANGE in 16 is a proven At-Home, Step-by-Step process in a highly structured format with guidance, support and accountability to ensure you GET BETTER and includes:
  • 16 Weeks of Audio Sessions, Education and Exercises
  • Access to the¬†CHAANGE¬†online community¬†with support, encouragement and guidance¬†along the way¬†
  • Pre-Program, Midpoint and Post-Program¬†Assessments and Weekly Check-Ins
  • The¬†Life Free of Anxiety¬†Relaxation Audio Library
  • And much, MUCH more!¬†

And We're So Confident CHAANGE in 16 Will Work For you...

We Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee

A Step-By-Step Program with PROVEN Results...


The TRUTH About Anxiety and YOU

Anxiety is not a mental illness, but instead a learned physiological response to stressful stimuli?

And since it's a learned behavior, it can be unlearned and replaced!



The Tools to Defeat Anxiety

To address the underlying triggers to our anxiety, we need to build out our toolbox.

Perfect relaxation techniques, congitive changes and being unafraid every day! 


Cognitive Changes to Rewire Your Body and Mind

This is where you will begin to identify and address the underlying causes that trigger anxious feelings and either eliminate, reshape or prepare for them.


Begin to Live Your Life Again, Free of Anxiety!

It's now time to begin to live life again and resume the activities that previously made you fearful! 

PLUS, you can approach new situations with calm and peace.

I could have saved myself years of suffering (and money!)

I'd spent many thousands of dollars on treatment. CHAANGE is the first thing that ever worked. I only wish I'd found it years ago!


Began riding elevators again only 12 weeks!

This changed our family's lives forever!

When my wife found CHAANGE, It changed our lives forever. In a few weeks, we were suddenly saying "yes" to things we'd always avoided before!


Proud husband of a formerly anxious wife!

I'm FINALLY free of anxiety!

I have been much better at being able to recognize my fears, calm myself down, and proceed with a difficult situation rather than withdrawing from it.


Self-reported NO anxiety symptoms in only 16 weeks!

The Science of CHAANGE in 16

CHAANGE in 16 was originally developed in the 1970s and refined over the past 50 years with the input and collaboration of hundreds of therapists, licensed clinical psychologists and, most importantly, over 200,000 CHAANGE in 16 participants.

CHAANGE in 16 believes that anxiety and agoraphobia are typically not mental illnesses, but rather learned responses to stressful stimuli. The good new is that severe anxiety and agoraphobia can be "cured."

And the science, based upon tens of thousands of pre-program, mid-program and post-program surveys, validates the approach.

This isn't just another "how to stop anxiety attacks" course. It is a systematic program to identify and understand what is causing your anxiety, what is happening to your body physiologically, how to unlearn fearful reactions and replace them with productive and appropriate responses using forms of cognitive behavior therapy. 

Later in the program, equipped with the new tools, the program will walk you through the process of reintroducing activities that previously provoked fear.

Each week, we will give you a new set of tasks for the week. These include:

  • a few things for you to read at the start of the week, and throughout as needed
  • a weekly audio session¬†to listen to daily (20-30 min)¬†
  • relaxation exercises (90 minutes, spread throughout the day as best fits your schedule)
  • weekly homework and reflections to help the cognitive change process
  • SPECIFIC instructions so you know¬†exactly what to do and when!

The use of repetition throughout the week helps to solidify the concepts in your mind, so that cognitive growth can take place, before moving on to the next week.

Think of each week's activities as bricks in the road of your anxiety journey. They may seem small and inconsequential on their own, but by the end of 16 weeks, they will have paved the path to you life free of anxiety!

Part of what makes CHAANGE in 16 so successful is that it is a highly structured program. You don't need to figure out what to do. You just need to follow the roadmap we will lay out for you.

And for those who commit to and trust the process, it works!* 

*In fact, two peer reviewed clinical studies have shown CHAANGE  to be highly effective... for those who commit and finish the program!

CHAANGE in 16 Is For You If...

  • You are¬†facing panic attacks several times per week
  • You avoid activities for fear of panic attacks
  • You are desperate to get better and willing to work at it
  • You prefer a long term life-changing solution over a short-term bandaid
  • You can commit to¬†trusting a proven step-by-step program


Anxiety Reversal through CHAANGE in 16

Pay In Full


Save $100!

  • The¬†CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program
  • Access to the¬†CHAANGE¬†online community¬†with support, encouragement and guidance when you have questions¬†
  • Pre-Program, Midpoint and Post-Program¬†Assessments
  • (16) Weekly Readings and At-Home Exercises
  • (16) Weekly Audio Sessions
  • The¬†Life Free of Anxiety¬†Relaxation Audio Library
  • Digital Copy of¬†Free From Fears¬†
  • And much, MUCH more!¬†

Four Pay Plan


4 monthly payments

  • The¬†CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program
  • Access to the¬†CHAANGE online community¬†with support, encouragement and guidance when you have questions¬†
  • Pre-Program, Midpoint and Post-Program¬†Assessments
  • (16) Weekly Readings and At-Home Exercises
  • (16) Weekly Audio Sessions
  • The¬†Life Free of Anxiety¬†Relaxation Audio Library
  • Digital Copy of¬†Free From Fears¬†
  • And much, MUCH more!¬†

How CHAANGE in 16 Gave Me My Life Back...

Dear friend,

I am writing this brief letter as I would a close friend or family member who may be feeling discouraged, desperate or lost, to encourage you and share the hope I have for you. 

I suffered through anxiety for years...

When I suffered my first panic attack, I set off on a 10+ year long journey to "cure" my illness. I knew that there was something terribly wrong with me. I worried I was "crazy." At times I was sure I was dying. 

...and no matter what treatment I tried, nothing worked!

The worst part was... Anxiety was affecting EVERY aspect of my life!

I was a radio host on Christian radio station in LA, but I didn't even recognize myself. The Bible talks a lot about not worrying, but I couldn't stop the fear.

I had become a shell of the person I'd previously been. My world had shrunk so terribly, day-by-day, before I even realized it.


Even simple things, like going to social gatherings or traveling out of town could cause anxiety, so I avoided them. I can't even count the number of times I came up with excuses for why I couldn't do something. Even when I wanted to do something, I feared what would happen if I panicked, so I avoided it.


Even in my calmest moment, anxiety and panic lurked in the shadows.

"My, what a wonderful time you're having... It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it..."

Even in my peaceful moments, anxiety whispered fear into my life on a constant basis.


How do you explain to someone that you are at war with your mind and body every moment of every day? Who could ever understand?

It didn't make sense, even to myself, so how could I possibly try to explain it to my family and friends? I knew they could NEVER understand what I was going through.

Or worse, they'd say...


In my mind, I knew everything would be fine and that I SHOULD just "get over it." But that was an impossible task. And every time that thought entered my mind, I felt waves of embarrassment and shame wash over me.

But then, I found Dr. Charles Barr and he shared the secret to beating anxiety FOREVER!

The secret was CHAANGE in 16, the same program Dr. Barr had used to beat his own anxiety in 1988.

In the first few weeks, I learned that I was NOT broken! 

My mind and body had simply learned to respond to situations in a fearful way. But I didn't just learn this, through the structured learning and practice of the program, I accepted it. 

Then, I began to unlearn and relearn new productive responses. With these tools, I no longer needed to be afraid of being afraid.

Halfway through the program I realized I was no longer waking up at 3am feeling like I was suffocating. A few weeks later, I was nervously riding elevators again. Shortly after that, I was riding elevators again without fear or panic!

But that was just the start of my beginning to live life again...

After many, many years of saying "no" to and avoiding anything that might possibly, maybe even have a slight chance of being stressful, I could say YES to the things I wanted to do and LIVE MY LIFE AGAIN!

I also learned that I was NOT alone! 

Anxiety and panic attacks affects millions of people every day.

I wish all those millions of people would experience CHAANGE in 16 with its proven, systematic, week-by-week approach. It was the step-by-step roadmap I needed and showed me the actions I needed to take to spur growth and healing.

This isn't a new secret that Dr. Barr shared with me. CHAANGE in 16 has helped over 200,000 people overcome anxiety through its effective, proven system over the past 40+ years. But it was new to me.

And I was skeptical that it would work. I'd tried so many things and nothing had worked, so why would an at-home be any different.

But then Dr. Barr told me something that shocked me...

"Erica, if you can only afford to see me twice OR do CHAANGE in 16, do the program. Because THAT is how you get better."

It was pure luck that I met Dr. Charles Barr. And because of my skepticism, I almost didn't take the chance on CHAANGE in 16.

If I hadn't, I'd still be the same anxious person I had been for years... waking up each night at 3am and avoiding anything that might cause me to be fearful.

To this day, I'm so grateful that I met Dr. Barr and that he persuaded me that CHAANGE in 16 was different. I'm glad I put my skepticism aside. 

Because I took that chance on CHAANGE in 16, I am able to live my life again!

It's been over 10 years now and I'm a completely different person still. I am no longer spend my time talking on the radio, but instead talking on the Life Free of Anxiety podcast and to anyone who will listen about how there is HOPE for the anxious person! 

Every day you wait is another day robbed of you by fear. I hope and pray that today will be the day you take a step that will set you free in only 16 weeks.

With CHAANGE in 16's 100% money-back GET BETTER Guarantee, what do you have to lose? If you don't get your life back, you get your money back.

But I urge you... don't spend one minute thinking about what might happen if you, for some reason, don't get better.

Instead, spend a few minutes and imagine about what will happen when you do get better! 

Empathetically and encouragingly yours,

Erica Roth

(wife, mother to 2, dog mom to 1, former anxiety sufferer, former patient of Dr. Charles Barr, & host of the Life Free of Anxiety podcast)

Backed By the CHAANGE...

GET BETTER Guarantee

Either we can help you or you pay us nothing!

(That's how confident we are of CHAANGE in 16!)

We know that IF you commit to CHAANGE in 16 over the course of 16 Weeks and do the work, you can get better. If you do so and do NOT feel your anxiety has gotten better, we will give you your money back.

Commit to Getting Better with CHAANGE in 16, 100% Risk Free!